Straight Talk MMS Issue – How to Fix it?

Straight Talk MMS Issue

Straight Talk MMS Issue – How to Fix it?

Straight Talk MMS Issue – How to Fix it?.  Here is another one of our HowTo series to help you solve one of the most common issues that Straight Talk users are currently facing:  They can’t text – Cannot send or receive MMS on straight talk network.  For some users, they can send but not receive and for others, it’s the other way around, in conclusion, there is any issue and we’re here to help you solve it!

Just as a clarification, this article is especially for those people who are able to use their data on the phone: navigate the internet, use Facebook, YouTube, etc.  But cannot send or receive Multimedia Text Messages.  If this is not your case, please review setup the Correct Straight Talk APN Settings

As the first troubleshooting step, I suggest you to review and make sure you do have the correct Straight Talk APN Settings configured in your phone.  Bear in mind that there are two networks that offer Straight Talk services:  ATT and T-Mobile and they both have different parameters for the APN.

If the APN and MMS Settings are setup properly, then we should verify the setting within the application used for handling Messages in your phone.  Are you using the native text application or you are using a 3rd party software (Textra SMS, Hangout, Go SMS Pro).   If you are using the native application, then I would suggest you to download one of those applications mentioned above, personally I like Textra SMS.  Anyways, either you install it now and you’ve already been using a 3rd party application, please check the APN which is stored in the Settings menu inside the application, and compare it to the correct APN settings we’ve provided you in the link above.

Straight Talk MMS Issue - Textra SMS

Straight Talk MMS Issue – Textra SMS

In Summary:

  1. Verify you have a valid Data plan and is Enabled
  2. Double check the correct Straight Talk APN & MMS Settings are configured
  3. Install a 3Rd party MMS Text Application
  4. Review APN Settings inside the 3rd party app.

This normally fixes 99% of the MMS Issues on Straight Talk, but if you are the remaining 1%, We suggest you to leave us a comment and we’ll help to deep dive and see what else is wrong on your Straight Talk APN MMS Settings.  Ah.. one final note, if you recently ported your service from another operator, sometimes you might need to wait a couple of days and once the data replicates over this issue will disappear automatically, Strange but it happens!

Latest Comments
  1. Kyle

    Straight talk is also on Verizon. I am having the same problem. I can’t receive group text. I have downloaded the Textra app but I don’t know the correct apn setting for straight talk over Verizon network

    • mmsettings

      you should use wap.tracfone

  2. Tony

    I have an LG G3 VS 985 Verizon phone on Straight Talk network. I have been having issues with only sending texts messages, either with 3G and 4G service. Sometimes, not all the time, I am unable to send either sms or mms. But at the same time, I can go online, receive sms and mms with no problems. If I reboot the phone, it will fix it sometimes, but not all of the time. I have even tried dozens of different APN settings for straight talk with no luck. They all have the same problem. About the only time I CAN send SMS or MMS is if I have “H” service. Any suggestions would be great.

  3. Jeff

    I have a Kyocera attached phone and all my SMS worked but I had to factory reset my phone now I can send and receive texts but not pictures. Do you have the correct son settings so I can enter them from scratch plz

    • Jeff

      Sorry not attached lol ATT

  4. caro

    Every time I update my iphone, i can no longer receive or send picture messages to and from android users. This is very annoying because I have to search the corners of the internet for configuration settings for straight talk t-mobile carrier. I enter all the apn settings i see, restart my iphone, and still nothing works. I just recently updated my iphone to iOS 10.2 and again cannot get it to work. I’d appreciate it immensely if I could get some assistance. thank you

  5. VideoPortal

    Hi Marchelle, great to know it did help! which step did you have to perform to fix the mms issues on straight talk?

  6. cory m

    I have a Nokia Lumia 1020 with rm 877 I can use data and search internet. use email call send text and receive images, but cannot send images I just need correct mms settings I have at&t and reseller option to be active or non active

    • mmsettings

      Hi Cory, were you able to fix the issue?

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