APN Settings for LG G3


Having data or mms issues on your LG G3 phone? Then you may want to add or update your LG G3 APN & MMS Settings, following these steps:

1. From you home menu, go to Settings icon.

2. Go to Connections

3. Go to Mobile Networks

4. Go to Access Provider Network (APN) 5. Tab menu or three little dots and select Add New, input the information below

Once inside the Access Point Menu, you should enter all the fields needed to activate the APN. If you dont have it, you can find all APN for US mobile providers here.

After you filled in all related fields, just Save it, Exit, reeboot the phone and try. If you plan to send or receive picture messages, it’s important that on the APN Type you use default,mms,supl otherwise it will not allow you to use multimedia messaging.

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