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Texts SMS MMS Fix Straight Talk

If you are using Straight Talk and You are having issues sending or receiving text messages SMS or MMS, We’re going to show you how to fix it.

Before going into Troubleshooting mode, We first need to validate which kind of Text messages issue you are having, as there are two type of text messages when using Straight talk, well, actually on any service provider:

SMS (Short messages Service): these are simple text messages, which contains no multimedia elements. It is the traditional text-based messages and is limited to 160 characters, if you passes this, it will be split into different messages.

MMS (Multimedia Messages): This is also referred to as Picture Messages, which as it’s name indicates, you can send multimedia content on it, including picture, videos, audio cips or a GIF. This type of messagse allow up to 1600 chars

Now that you know the difference between SMS and MMS, below are provide you a few solutions depending on the type of text messages issue you have on straight

Cannot Receive Text Messages on Straight Talk – SMS & MMS Fix

The first solution works for issue related to both SMS and MMS, we are going to clean up the data and cache of the messaging app you are using.

To do this, On your Android Phone go to Settings, Apps, and look for Messaging. Now go into Storage and Tab on Clear Data – confirm the message and this will reset the messaging service on the phone

You can follow the step by step instructions to clean up Messaging App cache on this video:

Cannot Receive MMS on Straight Talk – Auto Download

If you are having issues not receiving MMS on straight Talk, you can probably check the MMS auto download or auto retrieve settings on your phone.

to do this, you can go to the Messaging App Settings, More Settings or Advanced – Multimedia Messages – Then enable the Auto download or auto retrieve option on your android phone

Delayed Receiving Text Messages on Straight Talk

If the messages are delayed or not being received, we can check that the messaging app is actually working and running without restrictions. Sometimes the phone wants to save bettery life so it disable the messaging app services.

For this, go to settings, and search for Battery – you will see battery optimization, go into there, look for the messaging app and make sure it’s allowed to run without restrictions

for detail instructions, you can check this Video on Enabling Messaging app without battery optimization

Cannot Receive MMS on Straight Talk – APN and MMS Settings

A very common cause of MMS issues on straight Talk is related to the actual MMS Settings of the phone. If you can use the mobile internet but cannot receive MMS, then it’s probably related to a wrong MMS Settings on Straight Talk.

You can check this video on configuring the correct APN / MMS for Straight Talk:

Straight Talk APN Settings

Please review this detail post where we describe how to Fix MMS issues on Straight Talk

This also fixes some issues where the Group Text messages is not working on Straight Talk