How to set an Android OS APN Setting


    Want to know How to set an Android OS APN Settings? Most android OS phones use follow the same path to set up the APN setttings. The way to get to the Mobile Settings icon may slightly vary but it is mainly the same thing in any brand such as Samsung, BLU, Huawei, LG, ZTE, etc etc.

    First you need to insert your SIM Card. It is possible that when you insert the SIM card, the data settings may be automatically detected from the SIM card or it may not. If you turn on the Mobile Data by tapping the Data Icon and it still won´t connect to the internet, then you will have to set the APN Settings and do the following steps:

    1. From your home screen, go to the APPs Screen
    2. Go to Settings and the go to Connections or More (depending on your phone)
    3. Go to Mobile Networks
    4. Go to Access Point Names (APN)
    5. If available, select your Carrier APN from the list of Carriers that may appear.
    6. If your carrier does not show up in the list, or if the list is empty, then you will have to manually add the APN.
    7. Tab “ADD” in order to create a new APN
    8. Fill in the items listed with your carrier information.
      To get your Carrier corresponding APN items information, CLICK HERE
      a. Name
      b. APN
      c. Proxy
      d. Port
      e. Username
      f. Password
      g. Server
      h. MMSC
      i. Multimedia message proxy
      j. Multimedia message port
      k. MCC
      l. MNC
      m. APN type
      n. APN roaming protocol
      o. Bearer
      p. Mobile virtual network operator type
    9. Go back to the Access Point Names list and make sure that the new APN you just added appears in the list
    10. Select the APN you just created
    11. Then exit from settings and you should be good to go.
    • Check if the Data icon of your phone is displayed (it is located in the right upper corner of your phone, next to the hour display)
    • Try using internet. If it works right away then just continue to surf.
    • If not, check again if the new APN you created is selected and restart your phone

    If you prefer to watch the instructions in a video, pls check it out: