No Sim No Service Error iPhone

No Sim no service iPhone
No Sim no service iPhone

No Sim Error on iPhone. Are you getting an error on your iPhone that says No SIM detected or installed? You have no Service, no Data on your iPhone? With this quick help guide, we can help you solve this issue in no time!

It is very common that in the iPhone (most of them, including iPhone 6, 7, 8, X, 11) that even though there is a sim card installed on your phone, the iPhone shows a message on the screen saying no SIM installed, and therefore, you dont get any service at all.

Before you run to a repair shop and have someone check it, we are giving you some easy and quick fix for the No Sim error, and you probably can fix it in a few minutes.

iPhone No Sim error – Bad Sim contact

the most common issue causing the no sim error on iPhone is that, the phone actually doesnt detect any sim installed. This is because sometimes the sim card is dusted and is creating a bad contact with the sim card reader installed on the phone.

To fix a bad sim contact issue, just remove the SIM and inspect for any dirt attached to the sim, try to clean it up with an eraser or a special electronic cleaner – or just use your nails, it will also work.

Once properly clean up, put the sim card back in the holder and reboot the phone, hopefully the no sim error is gone by now.

iPhone No Sim error – sim holder misalignment

sometimes the sim card holder can create a bad contact between the iPhone and the SIM, this is mainly caused by a bent sim holder, so it prevents the sim card from having a good contact with the phone

to fix a misaligned or bent sim card holder, try pusing it back to the straight, correct position with your fingers, if not you can use a small plier.

After getting the holder back in shape, try sliding the sim back in and reboot the phone.

You also check this below video for detail instruction on how to perform both fix: