Straight Talk APN Settings


    Before setting up the Straight Talk APN Settings there are a few things you need to know first in order to set it up right.

    Straight Talk is prepaid wireless service in the United States sold by Walmart. Straight Talk has a quite good coverage of 99.6% in the US, so it has a very good signal and service. It is an VMNO or Virtual Mobile Network Operator which means that Straight Talk uses the main carriersĀ“  network in order to provide you mobile services.  So when you are setting the APN settings for your phone, you will need to know which is the main carrier that Straight Talk is using with your sim card.

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    So Straight Talk uses mobile network from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile carriers. If you already know which carrier Straight Talk is using for you, then you can read below and Set Up the Straight Talk APN Settings right away. If you donĀ“t,  first you can read below How To Identify your Straight Talk Carrier. There is a apn check from Straight Talk support site, but it doesnt work all the time. We recommend you check below.

    How To Identify your Straight Talk Carrier

    1. Bought your Phone from Straight Talk?
    If you bought your phone directly from Straight Talk, you will be able to find at the Box a code, please check:

    •  Code GSM-A stands for AT&T
    •  Code GSM-T stands for T-Mobile

    2. Had a Phone already and just bought the SIM?

    If you already had an unlocked phone and you just bought a Straight Talk SIM Card, you need to check which code appears on the SIM card:

    • C4 stands for AT&T
    • T5 stands for T-Mobile
    • V9  stands for Verizon

    Set Up the Straight Talk APN Settings

    Ok, so if you already know which carrier is the network provider for your Straight Talk SIM then you can proceed to input the APN Settings. Just go to: Setting – Connections, Mobile Network and Access Point Names. You can read on How to Get to the APN Settings menu on your phone on How to Set up APN Settings on my phone article. or check the following video for complete instructions:

    If you have an iPhone, then please check this Youtube video for the step by step instructions.

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