How to run a speed test on your cellphone

how to run a speed test on your phone

How to run a speed test on your cellphone

How to run a speed test on your cellphone.  One of the key factor on deciding which mobile data operator to use is the Speed of the connection, as this is the most important thing that defines how good or bad your experience will be when watching High Definition videos, Streaming music, Face Time (in the case you have an iPhone) or do some Video Calling through Skype on your cellphone, a bad, sluggish connection will not allow the video to play smoothly and also your skype video call quality will be also very poor.

There are a few way to run a speed test on your cell phone.  One of the easiest ways is opening YouTube and try loading some HD videos and see how fast it loads, if you have to wait for the video to play, then your mobile data connection might not be that good.

Another way is to download one of the applications used for speed testing, install it on your cellphone, it will performed a series of testing and provide you an estimated download and upload speed.  The Download speed is usually much higher than the upload speed, this is because most connections are asymmetric and the normally you are downloading rather than sending. is one of the most popular apps for speed testing and it’s free for download for testing your mobile connection for testing your mobile connection

Before you start the speed test, please follow these steps:

Disable the Wifi on the phone

Enable Mobile Data and make sure you have the correct APN Settings

Enable 3G/4G option. When the phone connects to the mobile data network, you will see the 3G, H+ or LTE sign on the status bar of your phone

It is very important to mention that depending on the area you are located, there might be limited 4G/LTE coverage, and also sometimes the network can be overloaded at the moment, all these factors will determine the connection speed you have in the moment.

Currently the fastest mobile data connection is LTE (Long-Term Evolution), which support download speeds up to 100 mbps.  There are several mobile operators in the United States that offers LTE at the moment:  Verizon, Straight Talk, T-Mobile, AT&T, etc.

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