China Mobile Hong Kong APN Settings – Step by Step Guide

China Mobile Hong Kong APN Settings Step by Step Guide.  Whether you are looking for China Mobile APN or you already have entered APN Settings for your phone and you just want to double check the values, in this page, we will provide you the correct information to setup the phone to work properly on the China Mobile network in Hong Kong.   These values will work for you iPhone, Android or Windows phone.

China Mobile Hong Kong APN Settings – Detailed Information

Below is the correct information you should enter in your phone.  Please do make sure you type them in exactly as they appear, any misspelling will make the APN to malfunction.  They should work on iPhone and Android devices.

Username: Leave it Blank
Password: Leave it Blank
Server: Leave it Blank
Port: 8080
MCC: 454
MNC: 12

China Mobile Hong Kong APN Settings – How to set them up in your Phone.

It’s pretty easy to setup the APN Settings in your phone.  Below are the steps by Steps instructions, locate the device you are using:

China Mobile Hong Kong APN Settings For Android:  If you have an Android device (LG, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, etc. ), please go to Settings – Connections or More – Mobile Networks and from there you will see Access Point Names, there might a small different on the menu depending on the manufacturer.

China Mobile Hong Kong APN Settings For iPhone:  For iPhone users, you should go to Setup -General -Network -Mobile Data. (Sometimes Cellular Data, depending on the version of iOS you have).

if you cannot access the Mobile Data menu on the iPhone, used this workaround shown on this video:

Setup China Mobile Hong Kong APN on iPhone with Cellular Data disabled

Once you locate the APN Settings Menu on your phone, please type in the CMHK APN Values provided above.   We always recommend not to Edit an Existing APN, but Create new Ones instead, and pls reboot your phone after saving the settings.   You should now be able to browse the internet on China Mobile Hong Kong’s data plan!.

If sometime is not working, please make sure you do turn off the Wi-Fi, and there is a valid Data Plan signed up, and properly activated.  If you need to activate the CMHK data plan, please enter *106*01# Send on your phone. Or call their 24 hour customer support hotline 29458888.  You can also refer to this page from CMHK