How to set up Windows Phone APN Settings

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Windows Phone has Windows Phone 10 Operative System (OS) developed by Microsoft. Phone brands such as Nokia, Alcatel, HP and Acer are some of the brands that have models with Windows Phone 10 OS.

So after inserting the SIM Card and turning on the Data on your phone there are 2 possible situations:

1. If you bought your Windows Phone directly from the carrier, you should be able to surf on the internet without having to configure the Windows Phone APN Settings

2. But if you bought it as an unlocked phone, then it is possible that you might need to manually set up the APN Settings in order to be able to use the Data of you mobile network provider.

Setting up you Windows Phone APN Settings Step by Step

windows phone AT&T APN Settings credit

windows phone APN Settings credit

1. First you need to go to Settings

2. Then go to Network & Wireless

3. Tap on Cellular & SIM

4.  Then scroll down to SIM Settings

5. Then tap ADD INTERNET APN (you need to create this APN)

6. Now you need to insert your Carrier APN Settings info in each line.

a. Profile Name
b. APN
c. User name
d. Password
e. Proxy Server
And so on, until you fill out all the data you have from your Carrier.
You can check here the United States Carriers APN Settings Information.

7.  Tap Save

8.  Go back with the back button

9. Select the APN name you just created and tap Apply

After this, you should be able to surf on the internet. Please make sure that you have activated the Data on your phone. Otherwise, even though you already created and selected to use the new APN, you won´t be able to connect to the internet if the Data is not turned on.



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