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verizon settings

Verizon is a multinational conglomerate that provides telecommunication services. In the United States, Verizon provides mobile phone, fixed phone, cable tv and fixed internet to regular users and business users. It has a fiber network that provides home services such as fixed phone, tv and internet with high speeds such as 50/50Mpbs internet.

Verizon also has prepaid mobile phone services that does not attact you to an annual contract. They have prepaid plans for talk+text+data starting at $40 USD. You can either buy the phone from them or you can also Bring Your Own Device and use Verizon´s SIM Card. But in order to get connected to the mobile data, you will need to set up the Verizon APN Settings in the APN Menu of your phone.



Usually when you buy a phone directly from the carrier, you don´t need to set it up. But when you buy an unlocked phone which is not from the carrier, you will need to set it up. iPhone phones usually don´t require you to set the APNs even though they are not bought directly from the carrier. But Android and Windows phones usually will require you to set it up.

First, you need to go to APN Settings in your Phone and input the following information:

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verizon apn settings

1. Name:     Verizon
2. APN:       vzwinternet 
3. MMSC:
4. MMS Port: 80
5. MCC:      310
6. MNC:     12
7. APN Type: internet+mms
8. You can leave in blank the other lines.

After you input these Verizon APN Settings information, save and go back to the APN Settings menu and select this new APN you just created. Then turn on Mobile Data on your phone and check if the mobile data icon is activated in your right upper part of your screen next to the Clock. If it doesn´t activate right away, try restarting your phone. Make sure the Verizon APN Settings is selected and that your mobile data is turned on.

With this you should be ready to surf on the internet.

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