CRICKET WIRELESS APN Settings – Complete setup Guide

CRICKET WIRELESS APN Settings – Complete setup Guide.   We are going to show you in this post the way to correctly setup the APN settings on the CRICKET WIRELESS mobile internet, so that you can take advantage of the cricket wireless network and enjoy super high speed internet!.


As you may know,   CRICKET WIRELESS bought the previous AIO company to become a strong player in the mobile phone market, which offer great mobile prepaid data and voice plans at a very competitive price and its gaining a lot of market share.

CRICKET WIRELESS APN Settings – Correct APN I should use.

Sometimes it can be cumbersome finding the correct CRICKET WIRELESS APN Settings , people may also refer this as the AIO Cricket APN, which basically is the same thing.  Here we are showing you the exact values you need to make it working on your phone:

Name: Internet
APN: ndo
MMS proxy:
MMS port: 80
MCC: 310
MNC: 150

For the values not listed you can just use the default ones that comes with the phone

CRICKET WIRELESS APN Settings – How to configure it in my phone

Need help to configure the aio Cricket APN settings properly on your smartphone?  No problem, here is the detail steps you need to perform in order to set them up, depending on the model of you cell phone, it will vary, as Android and iOS steps are quite different, even for android users it might slightly differ depending on the manufacturer of the phone

If you are an Android user:

Please locate the menu in SettingsWireless ConnectionsMore, you will then see Mobile networks and ultimately Access Point Names, as mentioned above, your menu might slightly differ, however it should be in the same menu block

For those iPhone Users:

Please go to Setup– General – Network – Mobile Data (you might see Cellular Data as well, it may differ depending on the iOS version)

One thing to take into consideration, every time you are setting up the cricket wireless apn settings you should deleted all existing APN Settings first, Try to avoid Editing,  after deleting them, start with a new fresh APN,  after typing in the correct values provide above you should save and exit.  I would also recommend rebooting your phone, once it come back on, open the browser and try using the internet and enjoy the Cricket Wireless APN !



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