Simple Mobile APN Settings

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Simple Mobile is one of the Virtual Mobile Network Operators (VMNOs) that provide wireless network services such as voice, data and text. If you are using your own phone and now you want to use Simple Mobile data, it is very probable that you will have to manually configure the Simple Mobile APN Settings. If you bought your phone directly from Simple Mobile, the you most likely won´t have to configure it manually.

Simple Mobile is a MVNO. What does this mean? It means that Simple Mobile uses the infrastructure of T-Mobile. This is transparent to you, since you are paying directly Simple Mobile´s service and that´s it. Simple Mobile is headquartered in Miami and is a subsidiary of America Móvil. This is a benefit for you if you are traveling in Mexico because this means that you can have mobile service in the US and in Mexico with no roaming cost!

Simple Mobile APN Settings

So in order to set up the Simple Mobile APN Settings, you will need to input this configuration in the APN Settings of your phone. If you do not know how to get to the APN Menu of your phone, you can find it here as well.


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a. Name: T-Mobile Data     (this is because Simple Mobile uses T-Mobile infrastructure as explained above)
b. APN: simple
c. Proxy: (leave in blank)
d. Port: (leave in blank)
e. Username: (leave in blank)
f. Password: (leave in blank)
g. Server: (leave in blank)
h. MMSC:
i. MMS proxy: (leave in blank)
j. MMS port: (leave in blank)
k. MCC: 310
l. MNC: 260
m. Authentication type: (is not needed so you can use the default shown)


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