Samsung Galaxy S5 straight talk apn settings – How to set it up

Samsung Galaxy S5 straight talk apn settings

Samsung Galaxy S5 straight talk apn settings – How to set it up

Samsung Galaxy S5 Straight Talk APN Setting.   The Samsung Galaxy S5 is still one of the hottest phone this year, it was the clear rival of the iPhone and HTC top branded models.  This fifth generation of the Samsung Galaxy S family, the S 5 not only come in a totally renewed design, but also with an improved, bigger screen and a more powerful hardware setting.  If you happen to have this phone and would like to set it up with the Straight Talk BYOP – Bring Your Own Phone data service, then we will teach you how to have your APN Settings setup for the Galaxy S5 so that you can start browsing the Web, sending pictures messages, etc. and take advantage of the data plan you have.

As you may already know, the APN Settings are required so that you Galaxy S5 can look up the proper server for your corresponding wireless service provider, this unique combination of settings serves as a liaison between your phone and the server, so that you can ultimately get mobile internet in the Galaxy S5.  These groups of settings are the so called APN Settings.

Samsung Galaxy S5 straight talk apn settings – How to do it?

As most Samsung phones, The S5 comes with the standard Samsung Widget, based on Android 4.4 kitkat.  It’s pretty easy to set up the Straight Talk APN Settings on the Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 straight talk apn settings Details

Samsung Galaxy S5 straight talk apn settings Details

Slide down the top menu on the phone, by sliding your finger from the top edge of your phone, this will bring up the notification menu, which also includes a GEAR like icon to access the Phone Settings.

Press on that icon, and then press on More Networks.  After this, you will see Mobile Networks, and finally the Access Points Names menu will be revealed.

Now you should Create a New Data Connection, and then Enter the following information, exactly as they appear, the rest of the values which are not listed here can be left in blank.

Name: straight talk
APN: tfdata
Username: Leave it empty
Password: Leave it empty
MMS proxy:
MMS port: 80
MCC: 310
MNC: 410

Save the newly created APN on the Galaxy S5.  Now Test your internet connection by opening a browser and trying to access any website.  It might be a good idea to send some pictures messages to make sure the MMS Settings are also good.

If by any chance these apn settings are not working on your Galaxy S5, we have a more detailed guide with several other versions to help you determine the Correct APN Settings for Straight Talk, please give it a try

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