New Galaxy S8 APN Setting for T-Mobile

Galaxy S8 APN Setting T-Mobile

Here you will see the step by step New Galaxy S8 APN Setting for T-Mobile Network.
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Galaxy S8 APN Setting T-Mobile

Galaxy S8 APN Setting T-Mobile

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Connections.
  3. Go to Mobile networks.
  4. Go to Access Point Names (APN).
  5. The T-Mobile US LTE option may be already available when you insert the T Mobile Sim Card. If so, you can select it. If no, then go to ADD.
  6. If you need to ADD, then insert the following information:

Name T-Mobile US LTE
Proxy “leave it blank”
Port “leave it blank”
Username “leave it blank”
Password  “leave it blank”
Server “leave it blank”
MMS proxy “leave it blank”
MMS port “leave it blank”
MMS protocol WAP 2.0
MCC 310
MNC 260
Authentication type “leave it blank”
APN type: “leave it blank” Or it could also be “Internet+MMS”
APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6
APN roaming protocol: IPv4
Enable/disable APN: “leave it blank unless there are multiple APN’s”
Bearer: Unspecified

7. Tap Menu  icon and then tap Save.
8. Select the APN profile that you want to use.

And that is it! You should be all set to get to use the mobile network data and internet service. Hope this is helpful.

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