How to set H2O APN Settings

h2o apn settings

H2O is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in the United States that provides Prepaid monthly plans and Pay As You Go plans.You can buy phones from them directly but many users bring their own phone. The phones bought directly from H2O should have the Access Point Names Settings already configured and you won´t need to do anything special to get the Data working after you insert the SIM Card. But if you are using your own unlocked phone you will need to set up the H2O APN Settings mannually.

H2O offers monthly unlimited data, talk and text plans starting at $30 USD and they also offer Pay As You Go plans where you pay for what you use. 

Here you can read the H2O APN Settings so you can start surfing with mobile data:


a. Name: H20 APN
b. APN: prodata
c. Proxy: “leave blank”
d. Port: 80
e. Username: “leave blank”
f. Password: “leave blank”
g. Server: “leave blank”
h. MMSC:
i. MMS proxy:
j. MMS port: 80
k. MCC: 310
l. MNC: 410
m. Authentication type: PAP
n. APN type: default,supl,mms
o APN Protocol: Default

After inputting this information, select this newly created APN and check your data mobile connection. In order to know exactly How to Get to the APN Settings  Menú in your Phone you can read it here.

What is An VMNO? 

An VMNO or Virtual Mobile Network Operator is a company that uses the mobile network infrastructure from the big carriers in order to provide users mobile phone, MMS and data services. These VMNO usually provide more flexible service plans such as Monthly Prepaid or Pay As You Go Plans. This way you are not entitled to stick on one single mobile network provider for a yearly contract. It is also a great way to get mobile services if you are a tourist or business traveler that do not require to get an annual contract.

Some popular VMNOs in the United States are H2O, Simple Talk, Straight Talk and Pure Talk.

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