Global MMS and APN Settings info

What Are APN Settings

Global MMS and APN Settings info

Global MMS and APN Settings info.  Thank you for visiting us, if you are reading this post, I believe you are somehow looking for MMS or APN Settings for setting up your mobile phone correctly, and if this is the case, Voila! you have just arrived the correct place.  This site’s mission is to deliver the most updated and fastest APN Settings for the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Hong Kong…. in other words the entire planet!

What are APN Settings

APN Settings on the iPhone

APN Settings on the iPhone

To Start with, let us answer this question for you.  What is an APN Settings?  Well, there are many technical explanation for this “term”, just to put it simple, the Access Point Names or APN Settings are a set of value that you are phone uses to lookup the correct mobile network, most mobile phones comes with it preloaded already, as is the case when you purchase the phone through a local dealer, however there are cases that it is not Set, or you have changed operator over the course of your mobile’s phone Live, and in this case, you will find this Site very handy, as we are going to exactly provide you the correct APN Settings you would ever need.

APN Settings are a set of value that you are phone uses to lookup the correct mobile network

What are then MMS setttings?

The MMS Settings usually are included in the APN Settings term, however this part of the chain is aimed at providing the correct information for your phone to find the correct port and server which takes care of Multimedia Messages on your mobile operator site.  However I would say that normally we the proliferation of mobile apps such as whatsapp, weChat, and social media applications, the Multimedia Messages (MMS) are becoming less popular, except in the United States which still a lot of people send and receive MMS with their phone.

If you go to the top navigation menu of our site, you will find the APN Settings categorized by country, you will then find under a sub-menu the corresponding APN Settings belonging to the carrier you are using in that specific country.  Through our network of specialist, we try to maintain these values as updated and working as possible, however, if you ever find something not working, please do not hesitate to send us the feedback so that we can correctly fix it.

Most of the information are taken out of the Official Support Sites of the respective carriers, combining them with feedback from users, testing from our side and expert information on common issues we find setting up the proper MMS and APN Settings.

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